A list of books of interest for "Rock Rattlers" in our club library

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Rocky Rattler's
An Illustrated Guide to Fossil Collecting

1970 Richard Casanova - Naturegraph     

illustrated guide
Complete Book of Rocks, Gems, & Minerals

1968  Don MacLachlan    Los Angeles, CA. 

illustrated guide
Complete Encyclopedia of Fossils, The

2002  Hackberry Press              

illustrated guide
Discover Rocks and Minerals

1991  Publications Intl. Ltd.      

illustrated guide
Earth Science News, The 1989  Earth Science Club of Northern Illinois, Downers Grove, Il. juniors
Earths Treasures 1971 Danbury Press illustrated guide
Field Guide to North American Fossils 1982  Alfred A. Knopf   New York field guide
Field Guide to NA Rocks & Minerals 1978  Alfred A. Knopf field guide
Fossil Detective 1994  Joyce Pope kids reference
Fossils for Amateurs - A Handbook for Collectors 1972  Russell P. MacFall_Jay C. Wollin,
New York
Gem Minerals of Idaho 1980  Caxton Printers, Ltd. guide
Oddities of the Mineral World 1976  William B. Sanborn illustrated guide
Reptiles 1995  Readers Digest Young Families kids reference
Rocks & Minerals 1974  Western Publishing Co., Inc. kids reference
Spider & Scorpions 1995  Readers Digest Young Families kids reference
Treasures of the Smithsonian 1983  Edwards Park illustrated guide
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