Date                       Destination                Material                              Field Trip Guide:
Sat. March 26   Bruneau Wood Pile           Petrified Wood                     Robert Murphey
 Meet in Mountain Home, at Chevron/Burger King off East bound Exit 90 8:00 am, depart 8:30 am

Sat. April 9  Graveyard Point           Plume Agate                        Sandy Blodgett
 This trip begins at the Hwy 95/55 Extra Mile Fuel Stop at 8:00 am, depart 8:30 am.                           “The Loop” is a 15 mile loop where you can collect from several sites which we will make short stops at. If you wish to collect rocks, we suggest you return on April 10 and do so. Today, the destinations will be pointed out by Sandy.

Sat. May 14 A.M. Bennett Mountain            Red/Blue Agate                     Tony Funk,

                    P.M.     Idaho Rock Shop                All sorts in Tony’s amazing rock yard
We will meet at Exit 90, Mtn. Home Chevron/Burger King at 7:00am and leave 7:30 am. You must leave Boise an hour before at 6:00-6:30 am to be on time at Mtn. Home Exit 90 Chevron                          Magic Valley Gem Club will join us for this trip. We will travel about an hour from Gooding which is where we will meet Tony. Our goal is to collect until around noon, then head back to Gooding where we can spend the afternoon in Tony’s Rock Yard. We will be able to pick and pay per pound.

Sat. June 4       Beacon Hill Club Claims       Agate/Crystal Lined Nodules          The Renkens

Sun. June 5

We will meet off I-84 West at the Rest Area just across Snake River into Oregon at 7:00 am, leave at 7:30 am and wind through Weiser to the turn off. This claim is ONLY accessible during a scheduled Field trip with the Renkens because of crossing private properties and special permission they work out with ranchers.

June 11     Whangdoodle Opal Club Claim  Opal, Fire Opal                           Don Dixon

           Queenstone          Jasper                                     Cullen Anderson

 This trip begins at the Hwy 95/55 Extra Mile Fuel Stop at 8:00 am, depart 8:30 am

July 9         Nyssa ThunderEgg Days Event                   Thundereggs and Geodes

 During this event there are usually field trips to Owyhees for Thundereggs. Trips are by Nyssa Chamber

August 12,13,14  Glass Buttes/Hampton Butte Obsidian and Petrified wood      Cheryl Link

This 3 day trip allows us to spend one day in Burns at Palisades Green Obsidian Claim with Jim Witt, one day at Glass Buttes with Emory Coons for Obsidian, and one day at Hampton Butte for green wood.     We meet in Burns at McDonalds at 8:00 am Pacific time, leave 8:30 am on Friday. The rest of the days we will decide where to collect that day and where to meet.

Sept. 10,11                 Texas Springs outside Jackpot Nevada       Pink Petrified Agatized Limb Casts Plans for this trip will be discussed closer to the date. Overnight camping is recommended.

October 8                   Undecided destination...this is up to the club members to pick a location.

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